Nhà phố thương mại biển 2 mặt tiền sở hữu lâu dài thanh toán 4 năm

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Seafront commercial townhouse has two fronts - only in Phan Thiet.
"The Sound" is located in a 120-hectare complex of Thanh Long Bay tourism, entertainment, resort and sports center.
Located on the front of the national coastal road DT 719B, owns 1.7km of beautiful coastline.
Built in the model of night economy like North Korea. Plenty of fun activities, entertainment, night cuisine.
Long-term possession.
Business supportting in the first 2 years with 12% interest.
Pay 0.5%/ month for 4 years
Lending 70% / 25 years by VP bank
Inheriting the standard 5* utility chain from the first 90ha Thanh Long Bay complex according to the first international standard in Vietnam.
Phase 1 deployed 100 shophouses
Area: 6x18m (108m2 of land) 315.6m2 of floor.
Construction: 1 ground floor, 2 floors, 1 terrace.
Price: 4.9 billion / unit. Finishing outside.
Each townhouse has 2 facades. Airy design, with gar
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